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East Village presents - Robbie Cavanagh & Max Runham at St Stephen's             (Song credit 'Feel' by Matt Ryder)

Sublime Music in Beautiful Places


The aim of East Village presents is simple - to host truly sublime and exceptional live music in beautiful and unique spaces.


Truth and beauty is all that really matters in the art of music. Whilst tens of millions of music makers chase their Spotify plays, facebook follows and the like, East Village forms a refuge for artists whose only real interest is in making music of depth and sincerity; artists who tell their own story, with skill and passion in their own 'voice', and for whom artistic sincerity and integrity is all. 


Artists performing in combinations of line ups that are exclusive to our events, is one aspect that sets East Village apart, but another important ingredient is location. We are extremely fortunate that our particular corner of the country, the AONB’s of the Suffolk Essex border, the impressive beaches of the Suffolk coast and the further reaches of East Anglia as a whole, are steeped in history, rooted in music heritage and adorned with numerous historic and quite majestic locations and spaces in which to house these concerts. So if it's 'truth and beauty' you believe in, come join us here at East Village and let us celebrate the abundance of each that can be so richly found in both the music and spaces we hope to bring together.

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